The Mitsubishi Shogun has retro charm but could do with an updated engine


Jessica: The retro appeal of the Shogun is rather charming.

However, there’s nothing up to date about the Shogun’s fuel consumption compared to modern SUVs.

This week on trips to the gym and to view Grayson Perry’s Exhibition in Bath it was well below 30mpg. A Land Rover Discovery is 37mpg by comparison and much more comfortable and refined.

You have got to hand it to the big Mitsubishi though, it looks every inch the modern workhorse from the outside.

There is no stopping you pulling heavy horses or any other weighty cargo depending on your profession or passion, as the tow capacity exceeds that of its rivals.

So to sum up, if you are a horse-loving, retro-living person who has no cares about fuel bills, prefers the bumpy track to the open road, you will love this car.

For those with more contemporary ideas on modern motoring, shop around. There are plenty of rivals to suit your budget and fashion outlook.

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