The Mazda MX-5 is a second car for the winter months and a must for the summer


So, here’s the thing. The problem with anticipating a car bestowed with greatness is that you expect perfection. Something to be wary of in this job.

There’s no doubt that on a sunny day in July, top down and with an English country road winding ahead, the MX-5 is just about the perfect car.

Power from the 2.0 model doesn’t intimidate, it handles brilliantly and the driving position is absolutely bang on. What’s not to like?

However, if you are considering the Mazda as an everyday, all year round two-seater, just remember space is as a premium, it’s noisy on the motorway and anyone over 6ft tall is going to struggle.

The MX-5 makes me smile even on a wild Monday morning in February. But realistically it’s a second car for the winter months and a ‘must have’ for the summer.

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