The Aston Martin Rapide could make financial sense – if you keep it a lifetime


In theory, there’s absolutely no reason to own another car. Apart from any all-wheel drive ability, the Aston Martin Rapide has got every box on the ‘must have’ list ticked.

Exclusivity, jaw-dropping looks, a supercar engine and even a hint of practicality with those four bucket sports seats and four doors too. Hell, the boot can even take a couple of bags.

Yes, you might query the depreciation but if you keep this glorious V12 for a lifetime, I guarantee it will be worth a small fortune when you come to cash in your tax-free pension with George Osborne.

This is a future classic. More so than the Vanquish because there are so few Rapides out there. A gem of supercar that deserves a place in your garage.



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