The Audi R8 V10 Plus is a monster of a car…


What’s the difference between driving last week’s Rolls-Royce and this week’s Audi R8? Well, apart from the £130,000 price difference, the great British motoring public seem a lot less hassled by the Audi.

Maybe it’s the fact the R8 isn’t quite so ‘posh’ but other drivers just get out of the way of the Audi – while the Ghost seemed to wind people up enormously and create all kinds of road rage madness.

So the R8 is quite the monster of a car. Low, wide and extraordinarily fast, it’s every inch a supercar – even if the styling isn’t quite so eye-catching as a McLaren or the Audi’s sister lambo.

It’s not quite a Porsche 911 in terms of daily practicality – the boot is tiny and the dashboard is less intuitive – but it’s still one hell of a car…

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