The Jaguar XF S just needs an injection of charisma to make it a great car


My Jaguar is being hunted down today. Well, there’s a chap trying to find where I live to pick it up. It’s a good car the XF S – prettier than the class-leading BMW 5 Series , less common, more stylish.

But just like the BMW, it’s difficult to fall in love with the Jaguar. It just lacks a little bit of charisma and charm that is sadly missing from most executive saloons. Bar the Maserati Ghibli, of course.

I can’t find much not to like otherwise. Rear seat leg room is not as good as I expected and considering the S is the ‘sporty’ model, the Jaguar is so refined you don’t ‘feel’ like you are travelling that fast.

Other than that, this is probably the best Jaguar in the executive range. If only they could inject a bit of F-Type DNA into the soul of the XF S it would be a dream car…

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