I’m pondering who is actually going to buy the Peugeot 508 RXH…


I’ve been pondering all weekend who is going to buy the RXH. If you are French and live in France, then I imagine this car is aimed at you. As we know, the French would buy a broomstick if it had Peugeot, Renault or Citroen on the handle.

We haven’t bought British cars in vast numbers since, ooh let me see,  the 1970s? Forget all the Honda, Nissan, Mini and Toyotas built here, I mean proper British manufactured cars like Triumph and MG.

But a large Peugeot estate car with more frilly equipment than a French fancy – well, non. The last great Pug estate was the seven-seat 504 and they killed that off in the 1980s.

So, I wonder how many RXHs they actually sell in Angleterre? It’s a fine looking car with lots of standard kit but the bottom is is this – there are far better two-wheel drive estates than this for £30k. And they won’t lose their value at such an incredible rate either.

I’m just stating the obvious….

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