The only Peugeot 508 RXH to buy is the proper hybrid version


Last day with the 508 RXH. The big Peugeot estate has been on sale since 2012, although back then it was in diesel-electric hybrid form only. This erm, other version might look the same but it has none of the benefits of that Hybrid4 system.

Apart from the rufty-tufty body trim, it’s really just a two-wheel drive estate powered by Peugeot’s standard BlueHDi unit. I doubt you will ever get anywhere near the 68mpg claimed either.

Still, at least it looks that little bit different to the many BMW and Audi estate offerings out there. You won’t see many on British roads because at £30,000, it really doesn’t make any sense against far better competition.

If you are tempted, then pay the extra and get the proper hybrid.That’s actually a car with something to shout about.

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