The Citroen C5 isn’t endearing enough to be likeable


My father’s Citroen CX was born in the 1980s and is still one of the quirkiest cars I’ve ever driven.

You may remember the ‘spinning ball’ speedometer, self-centering steering wheel and hydropneumatic suspension system that ironed out every bump but made handling a challenge.

I’d like to say the C5 was an unusual prospect too – after all, it does have a supremely comfortable ride and a fixed centre to the steering wheel that  doesn’t rotate when turned. Weird.

However, this big Citroen lacks anything that could be labelled endearing. It’s well past its sell-by date and does nothing to promote the qualities of many of Citroen’s other fine vehicles.

I like driving down memory lane – but £24,000 on a car that essentially hasn’t changed since 2008 is a bit too rich for me.


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