The Caterham Seven 620S is just too extreme for British roads


June 14 I used to have a Caterham savings account when I was younger – that’s how determined I was to own one. Then life got in the way and I bought a BMW estate.

I mention that because I love the little car but I’m not sure the 620S really has any place on British roads now. I drive a lot of high performance vehicles but this particular Caterham is too extreme, too powerful and too unforgiving for our congested highways.

On a track it’s a different story. The Seven brings supercar thrills to the masses at fraction of the cost. There’s nothing else for this sort of money that will excite so much.

But crawling through traffic, trying to keep within speed limits and not piling off through a hedge in the wet are not strong points of the Caterham 620S.

For once, I’d say buy one of the many less powerful models. I guarantee you will have just as much fun and life to drive anther day…

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