Is a sporty Porsche hybrid right for? We try the latest Cayenne plug-in


The third incarnation of the Cayenne hybrid is the best. It’s not perfect by any means – and whether a battery-backed sporty hybrid will work for you depends very much on where and how you use it.

But the previous generation model featured technology that dated fairly quickly. The battery pack could only be recharged via the engine. However, for the first time this one can be plugged in to the mains, taking just 3.5 hours to hit 100 per cent.

It’s modestly quick off the mark, features a ‘standard issue’ Porsche interior (which means you are paying extra for kit that should be standard – like a DAB radio) and can travel 22 miles on electric charge only.

If you like in a city and need a premium brand SUV it’s going to save you a packet. However, for long distance, high-speed motorway hacks a diesel is the cost effective option.

And to prove it, tomorrow I’m going to drive seven hours to Scotland. Any guesses on the mpg? I’ll let you know…

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