Time to go green in a Range Rover? Only if you live in a city


There are few clues that this Range Rover is equipped with electric technology. A discreet badge on the boot reads ‘Hybrid’ but otherwise this looks like a standard diesel version.

And that’s just the way Land Rover want it. The Range Rover is the company’s most conservative model – any change is greeted with scepticism.

In truth, it’s also hard to tell the Hybrid is being powered by a 47bhp motor when driven too. It may start silently but any pressure on the accelerator swiftly brings the 292bhp V6 engine in to play.

To really get any benefit from this model then you need to live in a stop-start city environment, long for improved fuel economy and have a strong will to be greener than other Rangey owners.

A longer electric range of more than just one mile would make it a truly great car…

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