Almost a five star car – the Jaguar F-Type is a fabulous driving machine


After trying my very hardest to find fault with the F-Type Coupe, I have to say it’s come out of the fray rather well. The niggles have been mostly down to my individual test car – and that ridiculous spare wheel swallowing up the boot!

The hard top version of the more popular roadster is, without doubt, the prettier car. And because the chassis is stronger than the convertible, it feels better balanced.

Yes, it’s not as entertaining as a Porsche 911 but it is a lot cheaper – and you will turn a lot more heads. It certainly has more soul and character than the German coupe.

Perhaps the  only disappointing aspect is the interior. It just that luxury feel, even with lashings of leather about the place. There is leather, and there is leather.

This is almost a five star car, held back by the average fuel economy and that uninspiring interior…

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