The BMW 225xe is a class act – even at the price


Don’t ask me why but I feel like I’ve driven the future today. The BMW 225xe is an unremarkable looking car – quite possibly the dullest Beemer that I’ve seen in years.

Yet beneath that MPV exterior is a technology packed drivetrain that does just about everything. Four-wheel drive, hybrid technology, slick auto gearbox, oh, and it’s front-wheel drive unlike most BMWs. Which means you won’t get stuck in snow, like most BMWs.

There are petrol and diesel versions too. The hybrid is going to cost you around £3,000 more than the equivalent petrol but if you keep the battery charged and use it around town, the xe won’t use any petrol at all.

It may be small and expensive at £35k but it feel like a classy car. And there’s so much technology going on – I like it!

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