The Vantage V12 S is a more refined, civilised drive than the Lamborghini


It may be that compared to the last week’s Lamborghini Huracan, the Vantage V12 S seems a much more civilised car.

The Huracan is, after all, a bruiser of a supercar that is brutal, very noisy and designed to announce your precense like a whirlwind passing through.

The Vantage is decidely more subtle. It can behave like a hooligan too but it feel more sophisticated than the Lambo – even at speed it’s a refined, relaxed drive.

The back-to-front gearbox may eventually become more intuitive to use – even some of the vibrations through the door trim might settle down.

But I can forgive a car this good these faults and more. Which much surely be the mark of a truly great car…

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