A glorious feeling steering a Morgan 4/4 into a corner – and coming out alive!


You might think the Volkswagen Beetle is the longest running production car in the world. Or perhaps the Land Rover?

The Morgan 4/4 was launched at the 1936 London Motor Show – long before the Second World War, or the abdication of King Edward VIII.

That means it holds the record and this special 80th anniversary model celebrates the fact.

Everything, from the brass wheel nuts to the leather bonnet straps, will remind your grandad of the great days of motor cars.

This 1.6 model is not a machine to thrash around corners, or impress a lady with straight line performance. No, it’s a sedate old thing that should remind drivers of pure motoring – without traction control or even a window winder.

The driving position may be rather too upright, some of the trim isn’t up to standard for a £39k car but what a glorious feeling steering a 4/4 into a corner – and coming out the other side alive!

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