C-ing is believing – is the new Mercedes SLC43 that different to the SLK?


Is this a gentle re-brand or a brand new Mercedes sports car? Well, take a look at the photo and tell me what you think.

The third generation SLK arrived in 2011. I wasn’t too struck with the bulky, front-end styling but the new SLC two-seater has a prettier nose, a revised folding roof operation and swanky LED lights all round.

The engine, of course, is the talking point. The turbo SLC43 has a great turn of speed but there isn’t that mighty V8 roar and pop when you hit the pedal anymore.

There’s nothing wrong with the SLC – it’s refined, beautifully put together and very classy but somehow, something seems to be missing. The fun factor, possibly?

Join us for an autumnal week in England to find out…

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