Porsche Boxster or Mercedes SLC – where would you rather sit?


It’s interesting to compare the interior of a Porsche Boxster with the SLC. Both are premium brand two-seaters but very different in the cabin.

I’ve long complained that Porsche are miserly with their equipment levels. Even my last 911, a 991 Cabriolet from 2012, didn’t have a DAB radio as standard – and there was no option for a retro upgrade either. I also find Porsche buttons and dials less tactile than those in a Mercedes.

For my money, the Merc is a far better place to sit. The big, comfortable seats feel more substantial, comfortable and refined. The Airscarf system (that blows hot air onto the back of you neck) is especially good and being a larger car, there’s extra elbow room.

Complaints? Only that the SLC infotainment system is starting to feel a little old tech. The screen is too small and functionality requires an upgrade…

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