The perils of borrowing somebody’s car – and the Volvo with windows that open on their own


Seems our week-long test of the S90 is about to come to a premature end. I haven’t stuffed it into a reindeer but the test car has developed a rather novel problem.

Now over the years there has been a few bizarre loan vehicles moments. There was a Proton where the horn refused to turn off, an Alfa Romeo that ran out of fuel when parked on a hill – oh and the recent Caterham with windscreen wipers that packed up in a downpour.

We hit a kangaroo in the Jeep Grand Cherokee in Australia and I can’t think how many thousands of pounds worth of damage was caused when a colleague forgot there were bicycles strapped to the roof of a Range Rover. The filling station canopy was very low…

The Volvo? Well, sometimes when I press the ‘lock’ button on the keyfob, all four electric windows open fully, leaving the car less than secure.

It’s unusual, almost funny but probably not that safe to park on the driveway…

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