Jeep Cherokee – the strange case of the angled steering wheel…


Can’t deny the interior of the Cherokee isn’t a step up from previous versions. This Anniversary Edition has stitches of leather too – and a whopping sunroof.

Try as I might, however, I can’t quite get the driving position right. Me – 5ft 10ins / Car – multi-electric seats and bolsters. What’s the problem?

Turns out to be the angle of the steering wheel. Despite telescopic adjustment, it won’t quite sit at 90 degrees to my torso. So it feels like I’m driving a bus rather than a plush SUV.

I’m also bamboozled by the infotainment system. With controls for the heated seats among a rash of options, it’s a tad overcomplicated. I guess you’d get used to it but there are enough buttons and dials beneath the screen to suggest a more user-friendly set-up might have been found.

Otherwise the Cherokee has lots of cubby holes and huge arm-rest bin – plus one of the top of the dash itself. It’s a decent place to sit but that driving position is going to bug me…

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