The Jeep Cherokee is easy on the eye… but not the ears


My slit-eyed SUV is appealing to the local great and good taking part in today’s shoot. Not sure it’s the macho appearance of the Cherokee, more the cool, green colour.

That said, I really don’t ‘feel’ like I’m driving a £40k vehicle. Last week’s Volvo S90 was cheaper but it had a more luxurious touch. Or maybe I’m just getting old…

The hunt crew like a rufty-tufty 4×4 and, of course, I do know the Cherokee will cut it in the rough stuff. You can change the drive settings on the move so that it performs better on mud or snow.

There’s also a ‘Sport’ setting which I recommend you switch on every time the car is started. It gives the Jeep a dose of power sadly missing from the standard mode.

Oh and the beeping noise continues to annoy. Any idea why? Answers on an email please…

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