Not even Beyonce stripping inside a Mitsubishi ASX would turn heads…


I’ve just been writing about James Bond. If Daniel Craig is going to take the part for the 2018 film, he will reputedly be tens of millions of pounds better off.

Being the best paid and most recognized spy in the business is a problem for secret service types. In fact, I reckon he’d be useless anywhere other than outer Mongolia (actually, having been there, he’d be chased by photographers too).

And choosing a discreet set of wheels would be very difficult. Which is where a Mitsubishi ASX might come in useful.

As any celeb will tell you, the best way to avoid photographer’s lenses and prying eyes is to drive a Ford Fiesta, or erm, a Skoda. I mean, who would imagine a ‘name’ driving one of those?

Day one with the Mitsubishi and I can guarantee nobody is going to give you a second look. There’s nothing wrong with the styling – it’s just one of those cars which is so totally unremarkable in the metal that you would pass it by even if Beyonce was stripping off on the back seat…

She doesn’t live round here but tempting to put it to the test myself…

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