I wish a hybrid car maker would tell the truth about miles per gallon – please!


I wish a hybrid manufacturer would actually tell the truth about miles per gallon. I’d really respect whoever did it first because right now, they are legally telling fibs.

They’re all at it – all of em. And it’s not really their fault. The official mpg test is the same for every car – petrol, diesel or hybrid – but massively favours hybrids.

It’s totally unfair because here in the real world, where everyone except Donald Trump lives, the kind of claims they make are totally unachievable and can often be bettered by the same model fitted with a diesle engine.

BMW claim our X5 can do more than 80mpg but really it will only achieve about 44mpg. That’s roughly the same as the 40d diesel.

Yes, you may save a few hundred quid on road tax and be able to drive in London for free but the hybrid already costs a couple of grand more to buy in the first place.

And after a day with the hybrid, I have to say the diesel is actually a much better drive…

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