Hamster horror in the BMW X5


In days of old, when windows opened with a funny little handle in the door and intermittent windscreen wipers were but a dream, rain could be a bloody nuisance.

Wipers needed replacing all the time and would often shred themselves when confronted by anything bigger than a large fly. Replacing blades involved cut fingers and much cursing.

The X5 has wipers that doe everything, as you might expect for £56k. Surprisingly, they also have the X Factor – the uncanny ability to impersonate a hamster.

It’s been raining all weekend in the Shire and every drive has been accompanied by ‘squeaky hamster’ wipers. This was amusing at first, almost comical, then frustrating, and now I’m ready to rip the wipers off at the next available opportunity.

Got an enetrtaining set of windscreen wipers – let us know what yours sound like…

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