Are you sure you want to drive an orange Jaguar F-Type SVR?

Dubai – home of the craziest-coloured cars on the planet. For some reason, even yellow supercars ‘work’ over there. But in grey England, what kind of person orders an orange Jaguar F-Type?

I must make a disclosure here. One of my first cars was an orange Datsun 120Y. Why indeed, you might ask. Well, it was my father’s motor and although he was as conservative as they come, orange must have been the only choice left on the forecourt.

So I bought it off him for a knockdown price , drove it college for six months and then swapped it for a silly Alfa Romeo GT Junior that rusted to the driveway. I would have kept the Datsun had it been a sensible colour.

Which means I really do struggle with the orange F-Type. A conservative grey would be much more ‘me’ and besides, I simply don’t know anyone these days would would buy an orange car.

Even if Jaguar choose to call the paint Firesand…

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