Mercedes AMT GT S – take a soft cushion because the seats are made of rock

Staying in remote Irish lighthouses is fine – except there’s little chance to update a motoring blog. Internet coverage doesn’t exist and when it does, the moment is fleeting.

So after four days with the GT S I can tell you it is one hot car. Blistering pace, a raucous exhaust note and the sort of head-turning looks normaly reserved for a McLaren.

Park it next to a Porsche 911 Turbo and you will ALWAYS get the plaudits. Yep, it’s that smart.

On the road, the 911 is a more accomplished beast. The Merc feels (and is) big. It doesn’t inspire confidence like the Porsche and you could easily become unstuck on a wet, winding road.

Joyous to steer, my main complaint would be the ridiculously hard seats. A 40 minute test drive probably wouldn’t reveal the problem – besides you would be too in awe to notice.

However, any longer and believe me, for a Grand Tourer, you will suffer a very sore backside. On rough Irish roads the car can be a bloody nightmare after an hour. We had to stop for coffee.

My advice – take a soft cushion…

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