Still a rocket ship hot hatch – the Honda Civic Type R Black Edition

Here it is then – the last of the current Honda Civic hot hatchbacks. The Type R has legendary status – a Golf GTI for people who like a bit more bling.

And there’s certainly plenty of that about this GT Black Edition. Unlike the understated VW, the Honda has a whopping rear spoiler, red tweaks to the aero bodyshell and a in-yer-face interior.

The aggressive styling suggests peak power and after just oe day behind the wheel, I can tell you it won’t disappoint. Thanks largely to a super slick gearbox, it breaks the six second barrier to 60mph and keeps on going to 167mph.

The Type R is also blistering quick around corners and feel like it has just come off the Nurburgring. All that before you even press the R+ button and increase the race feel of this brilliant little car.

More tomorrow after I’ve had a lie down…


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