Audi RS 7 Performance – the originally wolf in sheep’s clothing


I may not be in love with the jelly mould styling of the RS7 but there’s lots to like about the performance.

The Audi is the original wolf in sheep’s clothing. It does start with a bit of a growl from those two enormous tailpipes but otherwise, there’s very little to suggest how rapid the RS is.

And it is very quick. 0-60mph in 3.7 seconds officially – although it does feel quicker and considerably more refined than the 2.7 second Nissan GT-R.

And whereas the Nissan screams performance, this RS only hints at it. I wonder if that will bother some drivers who might prefer a more overt display of hairy-chestedness?

Me, I like understated – even if the RS 7 styling leaves me totally cold…