Thursday – Seeing Is Believing


Jeremy Remember when car headlights had two settings? Dipped, full beam and, erm, that was it. Driving back to the pub campsite near Borth, in Wales tonight, the Discovery proved there are more these days.
First, our HSE has what is commonly known as ‘bendy’ headlights, ones that turn with the steering wheel to point in the proposed direction of travel. Excellent, especially on twisty Welsh lanes with wandering sheep to negotiate.
Then there are those extra side lights that illuminate the area to the front side of the Discovery. Great for turning at low speed through narrow driveway entrances.
Finally, my favourite, auto-dip/full beam, which means the driver doesn’t even have to take his hands off the steering wheel as another car approaches. Sensors detect the oncoming vehicle and dip the headlights for you, popping them back on full beam afterwards.
My first car was a Morris Minor with a dip adjustment button on the floor. The headlights were so bad you could barely see a sheep lorry, let alone a sheep. Some things have changed for the better.