The Lamborghini Huracan cockpit is bonkers and unconventional


Here it is then – the bonkers and rather unconventional cockpit that greets every Huracan driver. Check out the red flip cover on the centre console – it conseals the stop start button and is borrowed from a fighter jet.

And that small handle beneath it? Well, obviously that’s the reverse lever and not a handbrake. Exploring the Lamborghini layout is actually a joy – but explore it you must to extract full pleasure from this powerhouse.

The steering wheel? It’s a little too overcomplicated for my liking and the thumb operated indicator switches are cool but really just form over function and not practical.

Otherwise you sit low in the driver’s seat and rear visibility is limited. You need the reverse camera to trundle backwards very slowly and the door mirrors are tiny.

Time to go for a drive…

The Lamborghini Huracan has an orgasmic overture that will make your knees tremble…


The donkeys don’t like it that’s for sure. Seriously, the mules on the farm are quite upset by the four tailpipes of the Huracan. God knows what the chairman of the parish council thinks – I will never get in the cricket team now.

The slightest application of right foot sends the Lamborghini into an orgasmic overture. It’s quite silly but then this isn’t a car for shy, retiring types.

If I chucked you the keys to the Huracan I can also guarantee you wouldn’t have a clue how to use the push button gear system, select neutral or even locate the window openers.

The indicators are on the front of the steering wheel and buttons you want to press down are actually designed to be lifted up.

Nothing about this car is normal and I haven’t even driven it yet. I suspect it’s going to make me giggle and worry about my license.

More tomorrow when I’ve found the door handle…