SEAT Leon ST FR – Why Do Football Fans Leave Their £4k Seat Early?


It’s years since I went to a football match. Watching Manchester City take on Arsenal, what struck me was just how civilised the whole affair had become. At the Emirates, there was no chanting outside of the stadium and people on the Tube were having scientific conversations about the formation Arsene Wenger should use on the pitch.

There was no mad crush to reach the seats, nobody threw a toilet roll and men even queued to reach the hand-dryer in the toilet. What surprised me most however, was that with the score at 2-2 and in the most nail-biting moment of the game near the end, people started to leave! Bonkers – especially as a season ticket is £4,000.

To me, that’s like buying a SEAT Leon estate for £22,255 and then not spending the extra £1000 on the Technology Pack, which includes LED headlights, DAB radio and sat nav. The navigation system on the Leon is brilliant and very easy to use, DAB is a must these days and the LED lights really throw out a beam.

Fortunately, the Pack is currently free as part of a promotion. If you are considering a SEAT estate right now, get in there. The ST might look less than exciting on the eye but it’s a fine car to drive.