MG3 3Style – Old Millennium

cropped-mg39.jpgGreat styling, lots of interior space and an impressive list of standard equipment that includes DAB radio, cruise control and rear parking sensors. What’s not to like about the MG3?

Today is our last with the MG. It’s not going to be a wrench to hand back the keys because the car is deeply flawed. Most of the problems stem from a 1.5 petrol engine that is gutless, noisy and lacking in refinement.

The handling and ride are poor too. While it’s fun to push the MG3 around a corner, it struggles on uneven surfaces and the steering is heavy.

And while there’s good space in the cabin, build quality is poor. There are vibrations through the steering column at high speed and trim materials are, at best, average.

Like the bigger MG6 we tested earlier this year, you wonder who on Earth is going to buy an MG3. So many other cars offer a more cost effective package. The 3 is better than the 6 but to us, it feels like you are driving a car designed in the last century. It’s been left behind by the competition and is never going to be a serious contender.

MG3 3Style – Fashion Victim


You can fool a five-year-old girl with pink door mirrors but any child over the age of ten is going to think the graphics on our 3Style model (geddit?) is naff beyond belief. I’ve been trying to get over the silly colour choice but its now proving rather irksome.

Combine this with the ‘weave’ decal on the roof and the MG becomes an automotive fashion victim, the likes of which I haven’t seen since the days of the Fiat Multipla. Any lorry driver looking down on the roof would surely get an instant migraine.

The entire decal range just tries too hard to be cool – with the result that each one makes the MG3 leap out for all the wrong reasons. Mostly that you look a complete prat driving it.

It works with the Mini because the stickers can be quite subtle. However, whacking a ‘hope and glory’ Union flag on the roof of an MG3, or a tyre print flash over the bonnet and roof, is just one step too far. My advice is just but a grey MG3 and try to blend in with the crowd. Not make a spectacle of yourself…

MG3 3Style – Pink Ears



If you want to get to know a car fast – drive it across Britain from west to east. We do great motorways north and south but a journey from Gloucestershire to Norfolk is testing, even in a decent car.

The MG3 deserves to be taken seriously for offering so much for so little cash. Even cynical old me thought a sub £10K car with DAB radio, auto lights and wipers, Bluetooth and even cruise control was pretty decent for the money. The 3 has everything you would expect and more for a budget supermini.

What I quickly discovered was the MG would be a whole lot better if it had a decent engine, better steering and proper suspension instead. All three are sadly missing and quite frankly, as much as I dislike Ford, a Fiesta represents much better value for money in the long run.

And there’s one other thing. I’m a 50-year-old bloke who is in touch with his feminine side. However, our test car has pink door mirrors and a bonkers chequered roof. I feel conspicuous and am wearing sunglasses whenever I pop to the shops.

Do we really need decals on a supermini? It may have an MG badge but really this car has as much to do with MG as I have with Shakespeare.