Mitsubishi PHEV – we love the sound of silence!


June 23 I still get a buzz out of pressing the start button on any hybrid car and hearing the sound of silence. It’s kind of cool to trundle down the road without disturbing the piece. (I appreciate sports car owners won’t get that at all!).

Mitsubishi is based just down the road from me in Cirencester. Consequently, Shoguns and PHEVs are everywhere. I don’t think either vehicle is easy on the eye but they still have mass appeal as practical workhorses.

PHEV is roomy on the inside, with five seats and masses of rear space. The battery pack for the electric motor is under the floor, so you don’t have to compromise at all.

It may be heavier than a normal Outlander but under electric power alone it really shifts. Sadly, when the petrol engine kicks in, the Mitsubishi power train feels dated and rather course.

Right, I’m off to vote on the EU – more tomorrow…..