Monday – Sit Here


Jeremy For its size, the Suzuki Swift is immensely practical and well-equipped. With the rear seat fold down (no split-fold option), we managed to fit two large dogs in the back on Sunday and a load of shopping.

But it made me smile this morning when I sat in the driver’s seat and spotted a little logo in the door pocket, shaped like a water bottle. Just in case you wondered what the round hole was for in the pocket, Suzuki designers felt it needed a water bottle symbol to remind you.

It made me wonder what else they could do to make driving a car foolproof. Jeep and other American brands often have a rash of ‘reminders’ dotted around the dashboard stating the bleedin’ obvious.

These include ‘objects in the mirror may be closer than they appear’, plus in 4x4s, a graphic of the vehicle about to topple over. It’s supposed to warn you how steep an incline you can drive across before falling sideways…

My favourite though also comes from America but has nothing to do with motoring. It’s a sticker affixed to the top of a step ladder. It simple warns users – ‘stop here’.

I’m now searching the Swift for more timely reminders. There must be one on the seat somewhere reminder me to ‘sit here’.