Wednesday – An Alternative BMW X5

Jeremy It took me a couple of days but I’ve finally worked out what the latest  Hyundai Santa Fe looks like – a  cheap version of the BMW X5. I say ‘cheap’ because even this top spec Santa Fe costs some £13,000 less than the entry model X5.

Yes, of course, this isn’t a luxury brand German vehicle but a Korean pretender. Yet look at the stylish lines of the Santa Fe and you can understand why it’s a hugely popular SUV in the UK. I wasn’t a fan of the previous model, especially the rather naff rear end. However, the 2013 version is massive leap forward.

I’ve clocked up another 80 miles in the big Hyundai and, while I accept the interior may not have the same quality or refinement as a BMW, it is excellent value for money. The Premium version really wants for nothing and the seats are among the best I’ve sat in for months.

Today I’m heading in to London with the Santa Fe for the opening of the David Bowie costume exhibition at the V&A. Follow our tweets and pictures through the day at Twitter.

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