Thursday – Screen Test


Jeremy Poor old Jeremy Clarkson. He had such a terrible time trying to switch off the ‘voice’ on his Santa Fe’s satellite navigation that he Tweeted for help in frustration. With 870,000 followers, it wasn’t long before the Hyundai press office got back to him with simple instructions.

Our Santa Fe Premium has sat nav built in to the dashboard. A couple of the touchscreen buttons are  small and fiddly but it’s still better than many BMW systems I’ve battled with.

What I’ve discovered this week is that Jessica and I have a different approach to switching on sat ‘nag’ in the first place. Whilst I tend to drive around with the map permanently on, she only uses it when she has to. As soon as we swap places at the steering wheel, the screen is turned off.

For Jessica – and Jeremy Clarkson – this is very straightforward in the Hyundai. Click one button on the centre console and the job’s done. I’ve even managed to set up the voice-operated Bluetooth and operate the rear, fold-in-the-floor seats without losing a finger.

Car manufacturers have a tendency to over-complicate these days but operating the controls of the Santa Fe is intuitive, no-nonsense common sense. Next time to sit in a new car for the first time, see if you think the same.

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