Tuesday – Max Headroom

Jeremy – Ever had that worrying moment when you drive a new car into a multi-storey car park? The ‘max headroom’ sign says 6ft 8ins but you still duck your head in anticipation of a crunch.

The underground car park in Bath looks safe enough – except the metal height limit sign hanging above the entry point was dented and scratched by other drivers who thought they also had room to spare.

The Hyundai Santa Fe is one of the more squat SUVs on the market. Although Jessica measures 5ft 10 ins, she has plenty of headroom in the drivers’s seat. It’s not so roomy sat in the rear fold down seats, where headroom is limited if you have two tall teenagers to contend with. At least they are easy to fold out and there is decent legroom.

The long wheelbase version we are testing this week also has a fantastic load area. It’s just a shame I can’t get the auto boot opening to work from the keyfob – is it something I’m doing wrong? Whatever the answer, there’s a button that doesn’t seem to work however hard I press it.

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