Wednesday – The Way To Santa Fe

use santa

Jeremy It’s the last day for the Santa Fe – an SUV I wouldn’t normally have considered on my list of possible buys. However, after a week behind the wheel, the seven-seat version has ticked so many boxes it would be hard to ignore its potential as a family mover.

The 2013 version gets the thumbs up primarily because it does look incredibly good. Compared to the 2012 version, it’s exceptionally pretty, well-styled and dynamically shaped. And while our top of the range Premium test car comes in at a weighty £32,000, some of the lesser Santa Fes are much more realistically priced.

Inside, the Premium is best described as adequate. The cheap plastics and clunky buttons are a let down, while the leather seats just don’t have that luxury feel. Unlike Jeremy Clarkson, at least we found the off switch for the satellite navigation easily enough!

Well-equipped and user friendly, BMW X5 drivers could save themselves a small fortune driving a Santa Fe. If you can get your head around the badge on the boot, the big Hyundai makes perfectly good sense.

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