Wednesday – Squeak This


If I’ve inherited one trait from my father it is a lack of tolerance for anything in a car that squeaks or rattles. I lost count of how many times we had to stop his Hillman Husky while Dad pushed and pressed various dashboard parts, searching for the source of a rattle.

Over the years I have found Renaults to be among the worst for this, closely followed by Nissan. Which is why after owning four BMWs, I was a little surprised our X1 test car suddenly developed a gentle squeak in the centre console today.

You want to ignore it but it’s just a scratch you have to itch. On a serious note, it’s probably rather dangerous too. The car has only covered 1300 miles from new and costing almost £30k, you’d probably be heading straight back to the BMW dealership you bought it from.

The X1 is otherwise becoming more impressive by the day. I’m averaging 53.1mpg on long distance runs and that’s without the help of an eco button on the dashboard – which I only spotted because of the squeak! That adjusts all engine settings, even the air conditioning, to maximise economy. Much more fun trying to up the mpg yourself though….

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