Sunday – Weighty Issues


So, I’m driving back from my afternoon run with a small rucksack on the V40 passenger seat. Nothing heavy in it – just a bottle of water, a dry pair of shoes and an energy bar. After 200 yards an alarm sounds, warning me that the passenger safety belt isn’t fastened.

This I find very odd. I know Volvo covet the super safe appeal of their cars but what size of passenger weighs the same as a rucksack, water bottle, shoes and an energy bar?

Rather that drop the bag on the floor, it became a personal battle of wits between myself and the seat alarm. If I propped the bag upright, the noise continued – if I lay it flat, the seat sensors didn’t detect the weight. Until I went round a corner, the bag shifted and the alarm sounded again.

I have already deactivated the Volvo’s lane departure warning system and would happily cut the wire on the alarm and flashing red lights that ensue when it thinks I’m about to rear-end another vehicle.

But a super-sensitive seat alarm? Maybe this wet weather is driving me nuts but it all seems a little ‘too safe’ for comfort to me…

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