Monday – Navigation


I’m still baffled as to why so many car manufacturers struggle with the user-friendliness of their sat nav systems. The Peugeot unit appears straightforward enough but it has some frustrating traits that remind me of when BMW first brought out the iDrive system about ten years ago.

Keying in a destination int he RCZ requires true dexterity because the rotating dial used to select numbers and letters is super sensitive. It’s very easy to mess up – especially if the car is moving.

It’s possible to find an address using the postcode alone but again, it’s not blindingly obvious finding this facility when, let’s face it, it should be.

Perhaps the most awkward feature is the control dial, which is on the dashboard. It’s a good arm’s length away and would be better situated down by the handbrake.

Never mind – at least the screen folds down and out of sight with the press of just one button, Jessica’s pet hate is when the screen cannot be turned off easily…

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