Tuesday – A Sophisticated Lion


No offence to Peugeot but I never thought I would claim a Peugeot could be sophisticated. They’ve built some incredible hot hatchbacks over the years but sophisticated? No.

Before I drove the RCZ for the first time last year, I would have put it in the bling category – plenty of flash but not much substance.

There is, however, a lot more to the RCZ than meets the eye. The devil is in the detail and after sitting in the cabin for ten minutes, it’s quite clear that this is a luxuriously equipped, well built car with all the trimmings.

Does it compete with an Audi TT? I think it does. The original TT was a masterclass in design – the latest model borrows to many parts from across the range. The unique, design-led feel of the first model has gone.

In that respect, the RCZ wins hands down. It’s better on the inside and, some will think, prettier on the outside too. However, the ride and handling aren’t as good as the Audi and the premium brand TT badge alone will be enough to sway most buyers.

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