Tuesday – Bare Grilles


There’s a line from Blackadder, when he threatens to injure Baldrick by making him walk across a very sharp cattle grip wearing a heavy hat.

The modern-day equivalent would be something similar with the front grille of a Q5. The latest Audi look across the range is for a large, deep grille of quite epic proportions.

Front grilles are bigger than ever these days – just take a look at the latest nose of the Mazda6, the next generation Mercedes C-Class, or the Hyundai Santa Fe.

For some reason, it doesn’t work on the Q5. The proportions are all wrong, perhaps because the car is too short, unlike an A6 Avant or Q7, which don’t suffer such problems.

Having a large hooter myself, I can only say I sympathise for the Q5. Maybe the next generation model will get the front end it deserves…

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