Monday – Interior As Cool As A Coupe


Just look at that dashboard layout – it’s so damn Audi. Minimalist, efficient and just oozing quality. And the Q5 is a family car, not some uber cool coupe. Yet it feels every inch as good in the driver’s seat, when you pop the key in the slot and the whole lot springs to life.

There is a raft of very good SUVs out there for a lot less money – think Kia, Hyundai – but you just know that when a customer sits behind the wheel of a Q5, it’s going to set an impressive benchmark.

It’s all about the details. The feel of the squared off steering wheel in your hand, the precision of the automatic gearbox shift and those buttons and dials, all beautifully tactile and positioned.

I can’t think of how a Q5 would fit in my life because I don’t have kids or grandchildren to ferry around. But I know that if I did, this would probably be the only serious competitor to a Land Rover Freelander that I would consider.





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