Tuesday – Light Fantastic

IMG_1685The Range Rover has an intelligent key. By that I mean you just walk up to the car with the key in your pocket and the doors open automatically. Further to that, you can push button start and an array of interior lights gently lighten the cabin too.

It’s something of a masterclass inside, taking ambient lighting to a new level. Slick blue lights adorn the doors and the map reading spots are activated by gently brushing a finger over them.

That’s all well and good but if you forget where you parked your car, it has another neat trick up its sleeve. Press the key fob, the door mirrors fold out and a circular beam is flashed onto the tarmac.

Nothing new in that, you might think. Except Land Rover has gone the extra mile and the words ‘Range Rover’ are projected onto the ground! I thought I’d seen everything in a car but even I giggled. Totally unnecessary but very cool all the same…

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