Wednesday – Slippery When Wet


I can’t believe anybody would buy a Range Rover and then drive it over truly harsh terrain. Off-roading to most Range Rover owners would mean parking on the pavement outside Harrods.

When you put this to a Range Rover owner like I did today, they quite often tell you that isn’t the point. The point is, according them, that you have reassurance in just ‘knowing’ the Range Rover is almost unstoppable in the rough.

I suppose that is a little like an Aston Martin owner who usually keeps within the speed limit but ‘knows’ the car is capable of almost three times motorway speed limits.

Having splashed through huge puddles and been forced to mount muddy ditches today in the Cotswolds (it’s still raining here!), all I know is that you are never going to go off-road in anything more luxurious than a Range Rover…


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