Monday – Jag-Powered London Taxi


If the MG6 parked outside cost £12,000 new then it could be argued as a much more viable proposition. Our top spec diesel model is £21,000 and, admittedly, it is packed with kit. Cruise control, auto dimming rear-view mirror, rear parking camera – the list goes on and on.

Unfortunately, the unavoidable truth is that while the car might be a winner for an aspirational family in China where it is manufactured, it falls woefully short of what we have come to expect in the UK.

The MG6 reminds me of the Skoda Estelle – an absolute dog of a car that was the butt of endless jokes in the 1980s. They tried adding all manner of equipment to the Skoda to make it sell here but it was like putting a Jaguar engine in a London taxi.

I can only hope for MG’s sake that they can ‘do a Skoda’ and one day build cars that compete head on with the likes of Hyundai, Mazda and Ford. Until then, a ‘basic’ BMW 3 Series saloon starts at around £23,000 and is light years ahead in every area, apart from equipment levels.

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