Sunday – MG6, Cigar Cutter As Standard


A car should wrap around you when you sit in the driver’s seat. Every control, button and driving operation should be intuitive. Sit in a new Skoda, Volvo, BMW and you feel instantly at home – like you have been driving the car for years.

Before you can push the keyless starter into the dashboard of an MG6, you have to check the car is in neutral, press the clutch and the brake at the same time and then wait for the pre-heaters in the diesel engine to kick in. Usually, it doesn’t work and it’s infuriating.

I started the car on five occasions today and four times it stalled. If the revs aren’t high enough, the MG6 refuses to move. Just me you think? Well, I had a quick Google and came across somebody called Jeremy Clarkson who suffered exactly the same problem when he drove the car.

And then there’s the handbrake. A lot of cars don’t have manual handbrakes these days but I actually prefer it, like the MG6. Except the release button for the brake is underneath the lever on the MG and not on the end, like just about every other car I’ve ever driven.

I’m sure I could get used to this but because the lever lowers into a neat slot, I promise you your thumb will get trapped time and time again! It bloody hurts and I curse the designer who put that idea onto paper. A cigar cutter couldn’t have been more effective. Band Aid please…




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