Saturday – Sensibly Smart


Nobody really wants to be called sensible, do they? Not unless you are an MP, a judge or looking for a place on the parish council. Sensible shoes, sensible hats and a sensible pension plan – it’s enough to make you consider buying a Skoda.

The Passat Alltrack is sensible too but in a rather good way. The rise of the SUV means that the great British car buying public has become obsessed with rufty-tufty 4x4s – vehicles that are all about status and kudos, and not really what most buyers actually need.

The Alltrack is  a sensible choice because it does everything an SUV does, drives like a normal car AND looks great. VW designers have obviously increased the ride height for better ground clearance, added some discreet styling trim and fitted front and rear underside scuff plates. However, to all intent and purposes, the Alltrack still looks like a standard Passat estate. No bad thing.

The Passat isn’t a car for the enthusiastic driver but as sensible as it is, the Alltrack is also super competent, has rock solid build qualities and is exceptionally well screwed together. And who wants to be a footballer’s wife in an SUV anyway?

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