Friday – Toyota GT86


You don’t need a week to get to know some cars – it took four miles to appreciate the fine handling and driver focused thrills on tap in Toyota’s fantastic GT86.

Once I’d discovered the coupe red lines at about 7000rpm, it was the only excuse I needed to push the GT86 along at a very brisk pace.

Here is a car that like the Mazda MX-5, doesn’t require a dazzling 0-60mph time to put a smile on your face. It’s beautifully balanced, with a short throw, precise gearbox that totally engages with the driver.

Some reviews will tell you that the rear seats and boot space are tiny, that the car has higher than average emissions and fuel economy is average. If that worries you, then yes, the Toyota isn’t the one.

But if ‘fun’ still registers on your driving radar, it’s definitely worth your hard earned cash.

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