Tuesday – The Worst Road in Britain?


In a slightly vain attempt to be objective about the GT86, I should point out that it isn’t totally fault-free. I’ve just driven 192-miles to Southampton and back to interview Sir Nigel Shadbolt – an expert in artificial intelligence – and the trip did expose a few weaknesses.

The journey took in my least favourite road across Wiltshire, the A350 down from the M4, past Chippenham and Wiltshire. It’s a nightmare of a drive, slow moving traffic, poor road surfaces and too many traffic lights. The Toyota didn’t like it one bit, crashing over pot holes and delivering huge amount of tyre noise.

Fuel consumption topped out at 31.2mpg, which probably isn’t that bad considering the circumstances but the six-speed manual gearbox is so high revving that pulling away smoothly from a junction demands a great deal of care.

On the way I took the A34 and the GT86 was loud in the cabin. You can’t mask it with music either because the sound system is on the weak side. At least the sat nav and media interface is simple to use.

Otherwise, I still can’t get enough of the Toyota. I forgive it everything just because it puts a smile on my face every day…

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